The hidden disease: Why aren’t more doctors treating eating disorders?

Although she has a severe illness, Amy Preskow says she has been repeatedly sent home from hospital emergency departments, turned away from overstretched publicly funded treatment programs, and at times, even belittled by health care workers.

Preskow, who has anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, says doctors have sent her home with instructions to “just eat,” nurses have treated her “like a small child” to get her to finish her meals. Once, after she collapsed in public from a panic attack, she says, paramedics mocked her for wearing a medical identification bracelet that warned of her eating disorders, dismissing her case as a “waste of time.”

“It makes you feel really helpless and really brushed off,” the 30-year-old Toronto resident says. “It makes you feel stupid for even thinking there’s something wrong with you.”

Wency Leung,

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