About Us

Meet Our Team

Labor Health Consulting brings together union health trusts and healthcare solutions. By carefully
selecting only the most effective and efficient service offerings, LHC maximizes value for Taft-Hartley
trusts and municipalities.

Having served union health trusts for nearly 20 years, the principals of LHC understand the benefits and
significance of the union culture. With a broad range of experience innovating in healthcare service
offerings, LHC also understands how to identify and evaluate healthcare offerings so that they only offer
the services that most effective, efficient and easiest to implement.

How We Work

When LHC starts to work with a new Taft-Hartley or Municipal Trust, they seek first to understand the specific needs of that organization. By assessing the geographic and demographic distribution of the
membership, goals of the board of trustees and history of the organization, LHC can recommend an
appropriate set of solutions to meet the current and future needs of the organization. LHC works withleadership, trustees and outside advisors to design a program to bring maximum value to the Trust.
Labor Health Consulting uses a 3 point process to evaluate dozens of potential partners annually,
selecting only the best for its union health trust clients.

  1. Prospective partners submit detailed information about their solutions, the return on
    investment, along with a detailed description of how they will serve the unique union
  2. LHC deploys a proprietary methodology to ensure a multidimensional fit with its clients’ current and future needs.
  3. LHC coaches solutions providers to best configure and position its products to serve the union
    health trusts most effectively.

Successful solutions have a strong ROI, a solid fit with specific needs of clients, and a unique value
proposition for union members. Not every solution LHC evaluates is offered to its health trust clients.

Our Team

Pete Kaehler

Pete Kaehler

Innovative healthcare solution provider, consumer-driven healthcare expert, health plan software patent holder, and national speaker. Pete Kaehler brings almost 40 years of healthcare market experience and two decades of helping labor organizations maximize value in Taft-Hartley and municipal trusts. He regularly speaks on data analytics with a focus on preventive medicine and emerging delivery programs.

What People Say

“LHC understands the unique benefits and challenges of union health trusts more thoroughly than anyone. Not only have they helped open doors for us they have helped us focus our offering specifically for this market, serving our customers more effectively.”


Gordon Kuntz
CareFront, Amerisource Bergen

“LHC understands the needs of unions and how their decision-making process operates. They have helped us evaluate several innovative ideas over the years, and we value their insights and connections.”

Jim Hynes

“As head of the Midwest Labor Management Healthcare Coalition, I

understand the value of solid healthcare solutions. LHC has worked with us to gain endorsement

on several solutions, which have been very positive for our members. Their deep understanding

of the union world certainly helped the solutions providers be better prepared.”

Doug Rubbelke
Midwest Labor Management Healthcare Coalition